Our Promise

We have your back. We want to make the big things the small things and demonstrate through our actions and results that the care we put into your money is a byproduct of how we care about you.

YOUR Benefits


You’ll never be left in the dark with us. You will have access to your accounts online including sophisticated data that shows you which accounts you have, every transaction made, and calculates your growth on a daily basis. We do the heavy lifting for you. As a benefit, you will also receive comprehensive financial planning, quarterly performance reports, and detailed spreadsheets with customized information, at your request.

High Level Access.

We know that investing isn’t enough. Information is power. Working with us means that you will have access to exclusive speakers, cutting edge data reports, ongoing personal updates from our team members, and have year-round access to institutional level, high-end research.


Loyalty shouldn’t be just a benefits program. For us, it’s our way of business. The greatest honor you can give us is the ability to work with you through job changes, major life events, setting up your children and grandchildren’s futures, and retirement. We want to show you how much we value this privilege. Senior clients who have worked with us, through it all, will receive extra benefits from us. We love every new client we get to work with and we want to show you that the pleasure of working with you never wanes.

Full Team Support.

There are many paths to financial well-being. We see it as a full-bodied, integrated approach where we are one of the key players in your team of success. We serve as an advocate with your attorney, accountant, executor, insurance provider, company, and other advisors to provide you the most well-rounded support. From unique retirement plans, to complex employee benefits, end-of-year tax preparation, and life transitions; we tend to the details and propel you to the optimized outcome you desire.

We work for you


We are an independent, 100% employee-owned firm. We are not employees of a brokerage firm, insurance company, bank or mutual fund company. We work only for you.

Integrity Focused.

We start every day with this powerful concept in mind. It drives everything we do. From ongoing education, to investment strategies we put into practice, to how we communicate with you. When you get your questions answered and know what is going on behind the scenes, we build a stronger relationship. This is all a part of meeting that gold standard of “Fiduciary.”

Objective Advice.

In an advisory relationship, objectivity is everything. This is particularly true when someone else is managing your money. Our financial planning and investment management advisory services are provided for an agreed-upon fee. We do not push products to earn commissions; instead, you pay a fee to receive the professional, unbiased advice you need to make smart financial decisions. We have no proprietary interests in any of the products or investments that we recommend.

Personal Approach.

We take a personal approach to ensuring your financial well-being. We get to know you and carefully explore your immediate needs, long-term goals, fears, hopes, and tolerance for risk. The understanding we gain of you, your attitudes, and your expectations guides our financial advice and the investment strategy that we customize to your needs.
Jeff Mengis

Michael J. Kleinfelder

"As a fiduciary, we provide independent, unbiased advice."
Founder and Portfolio Manager

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